Introducing XylemWands
If you practice magic, or wish to learn the art, you may find that a magic wand is an effective tool for channeling the projection of your magical energy to its intended purpose, whether for healing, protecting, blessing, or communicating.

My hand crafted XylemWands are intended to enhance your magical effectiveness. Each has a passive energy collector dish carved into one end. The gold leaf painted surface of the dish  reflects sun light (photon energy) onto a black carbon fiber concentrator rod that is intended to absorb and direct the collected energy into your XylemWand for storage in the tubular xylem cells that comprise the wood fiber.

In addition to photons, try using your XylemWand to capture and store or channel your own biophotonic energy.  For insights into the source and  power of biophotons, see my essay: Light of My Life in the right hand panel under Recent Posts.

Xylem Means Wood
Wood is comprised of xylem (pronounced zy’ lem) cells. Xylem cells are the long tubular cells beneath the bark of a tree that transport water from its roots to its leaves. Each year, new xylem cells replace the old, and the old cells become hard wood fiber.

Bundles of xylem fibers from an Arborvitae branch

Bundles of xylem fibers from an Arborvitae branch

These white Arborvitae xylem fibers are swollen with water from spring rains.



Store the Magic
Imagine the magical potential you would hold in your hand if you could fill those millions of empty tubular xylem cells in your wand with solar energy in the form of subatomic, high energy, particles of light called photons. To do so, you would need a method of collecting photons. Your XylemWand is designed to collect photons using a passive parabolic collector dish that is built into one end.

Photon collector dish

Gold parabolic photon collector dish in a Butterfly Bush XylemWand








A water-based gold leaf paint provides the reflective surface that directs all light entering the dish onto a black carbon-fiber concentrator rod, which extends through the center of the dish into the core of the XylemWand.

There is an insulating black rhinestone on the end of the rod, which prevents the energy from escaping into the atmosphere, therefore, as the absorbed energy builds up in the rod, it is introduced into the core of the XylemWand.

The Source of My Branches
The wand in our banner above is one of our hand-crafted XylemWands. It is a branch from a 25 year old Dwarf Lilac. We have XylemWands made from Bald Cypress, Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Kwanzan Cherry, Plum, Apple, Pear, Pin Oak, Wisteria, Arborvitae, Redbud, Juniper, Dwarf Lilac, Honeysuckle, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, Mulberry, and Butterfly Bush, each of which grows on my own property. I planted most of these trees and shrubs 25 years ago. The birds planted the Honeysuckle and Mulberry. They also planted a white Dogwood and a Sassafras.

5 Responses to Introduction

  1. Valarie says:

    Fred, this is fantastic- I am captivated by this information, so well explained and the pics are terrific!!! Great blog, so impressive!!!! Yay!!!

    • Fred says:

      Thank you so much, Valarie. Your opinion of my work means a great deal to me. I shall attempt to astound you with every new post.

  2. Dylene says:

    Fred, this is such a great blog! I love the detail you use, and how magick and science meet.

    My Xylem Wand is at my hand as I write this. I intend to charge it with sunlight tomorrow (June 1st is a special day for me), and use it in meditation to help release energetic creativity when I need it most.

    I love the pictures–and I am very interested in seeing what different qualities different kinds of wood might possess. The Celtic Ogham might have some interesting pieces for you–as the different kinds of trees and their wood had different energies, as expressed by Druidic lore. But I bet you already knew that!

    Love the writing. I’d love to see this go deeper–what our relationship to trees and the sharing of these treasured pieces from them means. I think the wands are still connected to the trees from whence they came–and in hands, connect us through root and branch and solar energy. Thoughts?

  3. Fred says:

    Dy, you are a valued mentor and good friend. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
    You are so right about our connection with the trees. As you know, I was cultivating bonsai trees thirty years ago. I learned so much from my trees. There are more than a dozen trees in my yard that I planted twenty-five years ago. I have a long and lasting relationship with them. This may sound strange to some, but my trees trust me to harvest limbs that should be pruned in the first place for their continued good health.
    When you charge your XylemWand tomorrow, hold it low enough to enable you to see into the reflective parabolic dish. If you center the shadow of the black insulating glass crystal around the base of the carbon fiber concentrator rod, the photons will be evenly distributed. You will actually see the light energy illuminating the black rod.

    • Dylene says:

      Thanks so much, Fred! I will be charging it with the first sunrise. :-)

      And you are teaching me so much! Your background with technical writing is definitely serving you well with this guide. Concise, interesting, and very informative.

      Look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Love to all!


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